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This blog has been a long time in the making. At first i needed to think of a title...a bit of a daunting challenge... a bit like finding the best yarn, the best fleece, the best pattern, or the best yarn shop..... it needed to be representative of me and what i enjoy... i like to knit, i like to felt, and i really like to have fun... the title happened, and i like....I hope you enjoy what i say...what i knit...what i felt... what i design.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

i care

My friend Ruth is ill. I should say, our friend Ruth. She has cancer. She is a quilter. We needed to take care of her the best way we could, to hug her and hold her and to let her know we love her. We made her this quilt. We made it for our friend Ruth. We are her friends from the Tompkins County Quilters guild. It's our hands and our hearts letting her know how much we love her and to hug her tight!

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Jessica said...

Beautiful. My heart breaks for Ruth and I don't even know her. Thanks for posting this picture. I'm sure she'll love it.